Canon MX860

Canon MX860The Canon MX860 is an all-in-one printer that has been designed for small business, home offices, and even for personal use. It has a long list of features and an equally long list of reviews. I decided to do my own in depth research on this product to find out the true story behind this printer. So, if you maybe interested to know whether the Canon MX860 is really worth the buy, read on…

Canon MX860- All In One Printer Features

As mentioned before, the Canon MX860 is not short of features. The wireless connectivity of this printer sets it apart from most other all-in-one printers out there in the market. It lets you connect the printer to your laptop or desktop anywhere in the room. The ink system comprises of 5 individual ink tanks, and the Canon MX860 is capable of printing on both sides of the document- a rarity in many all-in-one printers. The printing capability is measured at 9600 X 2400 dpi in color.

The fax system of the Canon MX860 is equipped with Super G3 Fax for high speeds of sending and receiving faxes. The Dual Color Gamut Processing Technology of this all-in-one allows you to print the fax in exactly the same way as the original.

Scanning is done at 4800 dpi, and it also has a nifty Auto Document Feeder, which allows you to scan, copy, and fax multiple sheets without actually standing and loading them one by one. You can actually fit 35 sheets into the feeder. The Canon MX860 is fitted with a 2.5 inch LCD display which allows you to select and even edit your images without using your computer which I thought was quite nifty.

If you do not want to connect your computer to the Canon MX860 through wireless or traditional USB, you can still print your documents thanks to the memory card support offered by this all-in-one printer. It allows you to print documents directly from compatible memory cards. It should be noted that Bluetooth connectivity is an optional networking feature that can be selected while buying this printer.

In terms of performance, the Canon MX860 gives:

  • 3.48 pages per minute for a text copy
  • 4.1 pages per minute for a grayscale scan
  • 1.28 pages per minute for photo speed print
  • 2.29 pages per minute for a color graphics print
  • 4.39 for text speed printing.

Overall, the Canon MX860 is better than the rest of the competition in most areas but on par to its competitors  in the text printing department.  The first print out can take some time, though, with the warm-up time averaging at around 30 seconds. Ink cartridge replacement costs are typically on par with other ink jet printers, which is important to the running cost consideration associated with any unit.

Here’s a video I found which shows the various features of this printer:


The Advantages

  1. Quiet operation– The Canon MX860 is a silent powerhouse. Printers are commonly known to be one of the noisiest equipments in an office or at home, and it’s a pleasant surprise to see this all-in-one printer working quietly to print, scan or copy your documents.
  2. Canon MX860Crisp print quality– As we’ve somewhat come to expect, Canon delivers with this printer when it comes to printing quality. You can expect crisp and clear resolution in your printouts, whether it’s a photo or a text document.
  3. Great looks– The Canon MX860 looks sleek and attractive. The 2.5 inch LCD screen adds to the appeal of this printer and to the functionality as well.
  4. Loads of connectivity options– While wireless connectivity is its best connectivity feature, there are a lot of other ways with which you can connect to the Canon MX860. There is the USB connection that lets you use your laptop and your desktop as well, and there is the memory card slot for you to connect your digital camera or other compatible devices. You also have optional Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you print directly from your phone. In terms of connection options, the Canon MX860 is certainly quite versatile.
  5. Double sided scanning and printing- This is a very useful advantage of the Canon MX860, and an oft overlooked one as well. The all-in-one printer has a duplex scanning option that allows you to scan both pages from the Auto Document Feeder. You also have two sided printing, thanks to the Auto Duplex Printing feature.
  6. Superb pricing– This is the advantage that most people look for, and I don’t blame them. All-in-one printers can cost a fair amount, but the Canon MX860 is an exception. This printer is so inexpensive that it borders on being an absolute steal.

Customer Reviews…

I read quite a bit of reviews from customers and here’s some of the more recent ones:

“I have had this for over a year. I was working on something that required alot of copying. I used it everyday. I love it so much I bought one for my daughter. I also love the pictures that it prints!”

“I just can’t tell you how many printers this family has gone through. THIS PRINTER was thee best ever!!! I love it, its dependable, uses ink sparingly, and the cost was worth the printer. NO PROBLEMS WHATSOEVER!!!!”

“I love this printer. The print quality is superb. Photos come out looking great.”

“We are a small publishing company and this is our everyday, all-purpose printer, fax and scanner. We also use this printer for our advertising pamphlets and presentation pages. The color output is exceptional, especially if you bother to do a setup specific to your project. We give at five stars, all the way! And we don’t do that very often!”

“Long story short: run out and get this multi-function device.” 

The Disadvantages

Bulkiness- The Canon MX860 is significantly heavy. This printer is large, and can be a pain for some to carry around, but then again, this is not a mobile printer. An all-in-one printer with so much features and functionality is bound to be heavier, but you do not need to carry it around anywhere thanks to the numerous connectivity options in this product.

Canon MX860So What’s The Verdict I Hear You Ask?

The Canon MX860 is a gem of a printer. The print quality is good, and so is the scanning and faxing. Connectivity options are aplenty, and there are several features that can help you print, fax, and scan more efficiently. For the price that’s asked, I don’t think you can really go wrong.


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