Weber Genesis E-320 Review

Weber Genesis E-320Weber is one of the biggest brands among cooking and grilling enthusiasts, with products in its belt that last for years. The Weber Genesis range has been on the market for more than a decade now, and the Weber Genesis E-320 is one of the latest entries in this long list of prestigious products. A lot of people feel torn over whether or not a Weber Genesis E-320 makes for a good buy, so I looked up this product and did some research to see whether the Weber Genesis E-320 does live up to all the expectations. Here is a detailed look at what I found:

Weber Genesis E-320- Features

This grill has 3 main burners, with one side burner attached that use propane. The side burner is a new addition that was not there in its predecessor, and adds a lot to the usability of the whole grill. It has an electronic ignition system which is a really useful addition. The inbuilt thermometer lets you know the temperature even when the lid is closed.

There is plenty of cooking space, with 637 square inches being made available for this purpose, which comprises of the 130 inches of warming rack and 507 inches of the cooking area. Overall, there is enough space for comfortably cooking a nice family meal. The grills are made of cast iron, with porcelain enamel as well as flavorizer bars that add to the quality of the meal. The construction is a combination of stainless steel, enameled steel, and cast aluminum.

The three main burners have a power of 42,000 BTU, while the side burners have a power of 12,000 BTU. The cast iron grates weigh a little more than 10 pounds, and the rods are tapered, which reduce the contact surface on your food while it gets grilled.

Weber Genesis E-320The Weber Genesis E-320 is 21 inches tall with a deep grill box. The practical grilling area is a comfortable 36 inches from the ground. The hood that is used to cover the grill is porcelain covered and has a combination of glossy and matte finishes. The handle for this hood is oversized, which allows it to stay cool enough to hold for opening and closing.

Three colors are available for the Weber E320 should you want to look slightly different from your standard BBQ. Apart from the typical black, there is a copper or green also available for the same price.

The Advantages

  • Enough space to cook– With three burners producing 42,000 BTU and a side burner thrown in, there is ample space for you to cook a significant sized meal.
  • Grilling– The Weber Genesis E-320 grills the food very evenly. There are no hot and cold spots unlike most other gas grills and with electronic ignition, you can start preparing your food very quickly and painlessly.
  • High quality– Any grilling enthusiast would have this has one of the biggest priorities while buying a grill. The Weber Genesis E-320 impresses in terms of build quality. It can serve your culinary needs for years on end if taken care of just a little.
  • Fair price– The Weber is priced higher than most low level grills, but it offers tremendous value for money considering the features this unit contains, quality of construction and bearing the Weber brand name.

Customer Reviews…

I read quite a bit of reviews from customers and here’s some of the more recent ones:

“I was pretty sold on Weber and have used their charcoal grills for 40 years. This is my first gas grill so going with Weber was a no-brainer. The decision came down to the e-320 to get the extra burner we can use around Thanksgiving and Christmas. The grill is fabulous as was Amazon’s service. I ordered it on a Tuesday and it was truck delivered on Friday. For free!! Hard to beat that. “

“…the grill is one of the best I have ever seen. very easy to install and easy to use. its quality is realy good.”

“Grill is just outstanding. Great construction, seems like it is built to last many many years. The grill surface is evenly heated, and the individual heat controls are perfectly sensitive for the area just above them. I used to buy grills with the thought that they would be replaced in a few years. I’m glad I paid a lot more for one that works great and will last for a long time.”

“Haveing a previous weber for 12 years, I knew the grill I wanted. Webers cook great! The heat is even, no flare up, and this one had a side burner! How nice! Weber’s are well made and can be re built as needed. If this grill serves me any where near the way the last one did I will be thrilled!”

The Disadvantages

Requires Initial Assembly- The  Weber Genesis E-320 does require assembly when you bring it home and this typically takes around 2 hours to put everything together. For those of you who don’t like picture assembly instructions that come with this product, there are You-Tube videos ( available which show step by step procedures to make it really easy to complete.

Weber Genesis E-320Bottom Line

The Weber Genesis E-320 is definitely a classic Weber product. The quality and features are at par with higher end grills that cost more than five thousand dollars.

The design of the Weber Genesis E-320 is eye-catching, and it delivers in performance. The bottom line is that this grill is a great addition for your home, and you can be rest assured of its reliability for numerous memorable barbeque dinners in your backyard with family and friends with another quality Weber product.

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