HP G72-B66US HP G72-B66US 

A laptop has become an everyday accessory in the lives of many, but buying one is still a daunting task. Most people have to think innumerable times before ever purchasing a laptop, let alone the HP G72-B66US. There are a number of good brands to choose from, but Hewlett-Packard has always been synonymous with amazing technology and performance driven devices. The HP G72-B66US is one the latest laptops on offer by the company, but you cannot just blindly buy a laptop for the sake of brand value- I know I wouldn’t. That is why I have gone through all the reviews about this product and checked whether this laptop is really worth buying. Here is what I found:

HP G72-B66US- Features

The screen size of the HP G72-B66US is 17.3 inches, which boasts of high definition (HD) display and build with the HP BrightView LED technology. The right combination of size, technology, and quality gives you crisp and clear picture quality for your photos and videos.

The 2.40GHz Intel Core i3 processor is a great entry level CPU that offers great performance when teamed with the laptop’s 4GB DDR3 RAM. The 2nd generation Intel core processor is definitely one of the main reasons for solid performance from the HP G72-B66US.

Although the keyboard may not be backlit,  it is definitely large and spacious, and comes with a numeric keypad as well which is a bonus. There is also a HP webcam and an integrated microphone, although this is a common feature in most laptops out there. The Altec Lansing speakers provide decent sound quality, and the graphics settings also allow you to do some major work without worrying about overload.

The mouse pad is textured in the same way as the rest of the HP G72-B66US base, which looks quite elegant and you might even say sophisticated.HP G72-B66US

Good Points

  1.  Good performance– The HP G72-B66US comes with all the right features that make it a great performer in its category. Not many laptops in the same price range can juggle as many applications and perform as well as the HP G72-B66US.
  2.  Decent display– Although the laptop’s high definition display is supposed to be one of its major USPs, the real output is a tad different. Nevertheless, it is still good enough for you to enjoy games and movies without any problem whatsoever.
  3.  Solid keypad design– The keyboard has a numeric keypad and clear and large keys, which makes life a lot easier for those who complain about tiny keypads and lack of space in laptops. Surprisingly, despite the presence of a complete keypad, the base still maintains its spacious look.
  4.  Great price– This is the one of the biggest USPs of the HP G72-B66US. The price of this laptop is in tune with most medium end laptops, but still manages to squeeze in enough features to make it perform at par with other laptops that cost more than this one.

Customer Reviews…

I read quite a bit of reviews from customers and here’s some of the more recent ones:

“This is my 6th computer (3rd laptop) & by far the best I’ve ever owned! I would highly recommend it to anyone! I don’t think there’s a better PC out there! You won’t be disappointed!”

“I would highly recommend this laptop – it suits me and my needs very well and I’m so happy I purchased it!”

“Overall this is an excellent computer. I like the keyboard much better than that of the Gateway computer I had previously. And, as another reviewer mentioned, it does not run too hot, which is a problem I’ve encountered with other laptops.”

“I bought this laptop because of the 17 inch wide screen which is exceptional. My husband played on my computer and loved it. When his laptop recently ceased to function, he was quick to purchase the same computer I had for himself. It has everything we need or could possibly want. Good transaction all the way around. 5 stars without question.”

Improvements We Would Appreciate

Touchpad start and finish being difficult to identify– As the touchpad on this model contains the same handsome pattern as the rest of the unit, it can be a little more challenging to locate the start and end of the touchpad, especially when you use this machine for the first few times. HP could have thought about placing a border around the touchpad to address this, but I’m guessing they wanted to keep it looking smooth.

HP G72-B66US


The HP G72-B66US is a fighter and packs in a lot of features, misses out on a few negligible ones, and somehow manages to get them all to run together to make for a very good machine for laptop users.

If you are impressed by the looks, you would definitely be impressed by what the HP G72-B66US has in store inside. Good audio and video and great performance sums up this model from Hewlett-Packard. In other words, the HP G72-B66US is a jack of all trades, and although it’s a master of none, it still counts as a great choice for your average user.


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HP G72-B60US

HP G72-B60USThe laptop range from HP has typically been synonymous with good quality at an realistic price. One of the new entries in HP’s long list of laptops is the HP G72-b60US.  Now, anyone looking to buy a laptop would definitely inspect all the reviews they can find and then make a decision on whether to buy it or not. That is why I have done some research on this product and read the reviews to come up with a complete and honest look at how the HP G72-B60US really fares. Here is what I found after going through everything about this laptop.

HP G72-B60US- What This Laptop Contains

The screen size of the HP G72-B60US is 17.3 inches, which is great for playing games or watching movies. The screen quality is decent too, with high definition and the HP BrightView LED display offering a screen resolution of 1600X900. The picture is bright, clear, and crisp as compared to most other laptops in its price range.

The base of the HP G72-B60US houses a big and spacious keypad, along with a complete numerical keypad. The keys are large and clear like a regular keyboard and makes typing a lot easier than it would in most other laptops. At 6.6 pounds, the weight of this laptop is the same as other laptops in this category.

The 2nd generation Intel core processor is one of biggest contributors to the performance of this laptop. The core i3 processor and the 4GB DDR3 RAM allow you to juggle with multiple programs without  feeling lag on the laptop’s response. The Windows 7 Home Premium operating system compliments the decent speed and usability of the HP G72-b60us.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the HP G72-B60US has all the usual connections. It has a HDMI connection that lets you play your high definition movies. It comes with three USB 2.0 connections and can connect to 802.11 b/g/n wireless networks with its inbuilt modem.

Usually, you cannot expect a 17.3 inch desktop replacement laptop to have an enormous battery life. Nevertheless, the 6-cell battery still lasts for 3-4 hours, which is quite commendable for a laptop of its size. This is faster than the Toshiba A665D-S5066 and comparable to the 9-cell battery powered Dell Studio 17.HP G72-B60US

The hard drive of the HP G72-B60US is 500 GB which is more than enough space for the average laptop user. At 7200 rpm, this hard drive is fast as well. As far as the finish goes, the HP G72-B60US looks great with a light Biscotti finish that is visible enough to please people who like laptops with a little design, but not so garish that it turns off those who like a simple laptop design.

What Was Impressive

  • Bright Screen- The 17.3 inch screen and the BrightView LED technology give you vivid and deep colors that improve your cinematic experience.

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