Logitech G27

Logitech G27If you are a racing game fanatic, then a steering wheel set such as the new Logitech G27 for playing games on your video game console would be a great choice. In fact, it takes your whole racing experience to a new level even if you are not a complete fanatic of racing games.

The concept of racing wheels itself is very young, and Logitech has given the gaming community one of the best ever steering wheel sets with the G25 racing wheel. The Logitech G27 racing wheel is the successor to the awesome G25, and it only makes sense to check out whether this product lives up to the hype. That is why I did my own research and found out what experts and gaming enthusiasts have to say about this product.

Features Of The Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

The Logitech G27 is designed for both the PlayStation 3 and the PC. Just like other racing wheels, this one also supports only the handful of racing games on both gaming zones, so you need to be completely sure that your money is well spent. If you are, then you can make a good decision of buying this product without regretting your choice.

This racing wheel features a dual motor force feedback that allows you to make some amazing moves on the track. The feedback mechanism is designed to enable you to make smooth and accurate moves on the screen. The steering wheel is made in such a way that it simulates the feeling of real weight shift, traction loss, and road. This mechanism also makes game play much smoother, and the 900 degree motion similar to real steering wheels gives you a very realistic experience.

Logitech G27

The Logitech G27 racing wheel set also has a six-speed gear shifter, along with a push-down mechanism for selecting the reverse gear. This particular mechanism lets you make realistic game changes instead of pressing the buttons on a joystick.

The paddle shifters on the steering wheel of the Logitech G27 allow you to make the fast moves and gear shifts needed for playing F1 racing games. LEDs located at the top of the spoke of the steering wheel act as RPM and shift indicators, which save you from distractions on the screen by checking out when you shift gears on the wheel itself.

The wheel itself measures around 11 inches, and the leather wrapped finish adds to the feel of a genuine steering wheel. Steel is used on the three pedals that come with this set. These pedals are off course used as clutch, brake, and accelerator, respectively. The pedals are specially weighted so that they replicate the exact feel of real clutch, accelerator and brake in a racing car, with the clutch being the hardest to depress, followed by brake and then the lighter accelerator.

There are 16 buttons that can be programmed, and a D-pad to give the finishing touch and complete your racing experience.The steering wheel and the gear shift stick can screw itself on any desk with ease, so you do not need to worry about that aspect either. The pedals do not need to have that kind of system and can be kept on the ground itself, but you can have an optional spike system attached to its base. This improves its grip on carpet and stops the pedals from moving anywhere as you play.

Here’s a video I found that contains a detailed review of the G27.


What Was Great About The G27

  1. Great looks- The Logitech G27 scores high marks when it comes to looks. The combination of red and black is superb, and leather and steel seals the deal and gives the entire racing wheel and other parts the look necessary to get any racing enthusiast excited.
  2. Great performance- As any racing enthusiast would know, it’s the performance that ultimately matters when it comes to determining the worth of the gaming tool. It works well with Need for Speed Shift on the PS3, but works even better and smoother with Gran Turismo 5 on the console.
  3. Smooth working- The wheel rotation and gear shifting is as smooth as silk, and is accompanied by a really tiny shaft nose. A special note should be made about the cornering ability- you can conquer most corners on your video games with the Logitech G27.
  4. Superb pedal performance- The pedals are one of the best additions to the Logitech G27. Each pedal can be adjusted in accordance with the other and as per a gamer’s convenience. The adjustment is really easy and very ergonomic. The pedal performance is really nice too, with the just the right amount of pressure required to push down on them.
  5. Amazing shift sensitivity- The shifter of the Logitech G27 has a light touch, but it still stays firm and gives a good reaction and feel that is not too sensitive. You can easily get the hang of this shifter, like a lot of users have.

Customer Reviews…

I read quite a bit of reviews from customers and here’s some of the more recent ones:

“This is the wheel I have been waiting for. It is so much more realistic at the upper end of the performance curve than anything else I’ve tried.”

“Awesome product, highly recommended. Received item within suggested shipping time. Easy to setup, function and feel is just like the real thing, perfect for racing”

“In lieu of ever driving any of the tracks available on the games I have (GT5 & F1), I get as close as I can get at home. I just need to find a better mounting system without a full-on seat outfit. Love it!”

“All in all this product is great; After a brief series of embarrassing laps I was able to shift gears and drive hard, having way more fun with the level of involvement than ever before.”

“Really good one and works great for F1 2011 and GT5 for PS3. Best product comparing price vs quality. Bye let’s play!!”


Logitech G27

What Was Not So Good About The G27

Cable Management- A few people have complained about the cables not being able to be neatly placed. There is however a place to wrap excess cord around, along with 4 grooves to place them in so that the cables don’t get pinched. It’s a good attempt by Logitech, but maybe could be better. Having said that though, there are only 4 cables though, so I don’t believe it to be too bigger deal.

So, What’s The Verdict?

The Logitech G27 racing wheel is an improvement on the G25 in many ways, and a good successor as well. It offers an awesome experience, and delivers in terms of both style and performance- which is rare for such gaming devices. If you’re into your racing games, you will definitely enjoy the G27.

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