Welcome to Bietorissa.com. This site was put together to give you  comprehensive and unbiased reviews for a range of products.

These days, the number of brand and product choices we consumers have when looking to buy something can be- lets be honest, overwhelming.

I mean, unless you get a recommendation from a family member or friend how good their new product was, how do you really know what to consider without having to spend hours doing your own research? The other option is to randomly buy something and hope for the best!

Now I’m not talking about buying a calculator or a soap dispenser. I’m referring to those products that cost a little more and you’re more likely to keep it for a number of years and expect it to last.

I know personally, I can spend weeks sifting through brochures, read loads of reviews or even talk to different  salespeople at department stores and still find myself wondering what the best option is for the money that I’m willing to spend on a product.

Technology changes at a blink of the eye and product models are constantly being updated and improved frequently. Perhaps even more so with electronic type products. Take a laptop for example. To start off there are so many different CPU’s available, from Intel Core i7, Core i5, AMD Phenom II and many others. Then there’s the memory, screen size, weight of the unit, available ports, hard drive size, operating system and more!

Last year I had to buy a laptop as my old one died and went to heaven. Without access to the internet, I went to many stores and asked about what was available. I found that every time I exited, I was more confused then before I walked in!

There are a LOT to choose from and it does take some time and patience to learn about what’s available in today’s market, so that you are equipped with the knowledge to make a better informed purchasing decision.

Brand names can also play an integral  part in determining product choice. Take the ever popular Apple iPhone. When these devices first hit the shelves, everyone seemed to rush out and get them without knowing much about them.

A lot of people when asked why they got an iPhone responded “..because everyone has one”! But Apple has now firmly established its reputation in the cell phone area (amongst other things) and customers are confident in the quality of an Apple product. Its not just about ‘keeping up with Jones’!

Once you do educate yourself and shortlist your options, its really useful to read a review to help you feel confident that the product meets your requirements or alternatively, if it doesn’t, you can at least cross it off your shopping list. Here at Bietorissa.com, you will be provided with a plain and simple honest review so you can decide whether or not a product meets your requirements.That way, you can reach your decision confidently.